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Electricity, Gas and LPG

A lot of clients our have had the misfortune of being caught in multi-year contracts due to cold callers and the clever little tricks they use. With us, you’ll be protected in the following ways:

  • Dealings with suppliers that operate more than 75% of the UK market.
  • Daily analysis of the market so we know where the best prices are.
  • Automatic termination of contracts to avoid ‘rollover’ rates.
  • Tariff analysis to ensure the most effective pricing structure.
  • Bill checking and query handling.
  • Advice and assistance on supply/meter upgrades.

We offer complete management of your utilities, saving you time and money.

We have spent 30 years negotiating with energy suppliers. It’s the core strength of Pro-Eco.


Pro-Eco has negotiated special terms with the UK’s largest LPG supplier, including a discount structure if you’re an existing client.

Through our associates we can advise on upgrades, options for bulk supply and equipment conversions.