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Change of Tenancy

Are you taking on a new business, either buying or leasing?

Here at Pro-Eco, we have been helping new ventures save a lot of time and money by navigating through the minefield of setting up a new business on their behalf. With years of experience, this is how we can help:

Process the change of tenancy with the current energy boards and place new contracts. We offer on-going monitoring, termination within the correct window and sourcing further new contracts that give protection not just at the start of a business, but for the life of the business.

Competitive local suppliers for dry and frozen products. (not all areas covered). Plus a national dedicated supplier and a fully controlled group contract-purchasing specialist.

We use a national waste broker with access to 500+ accredited waste and recycling partners who collectively manage in excess of 3 million lifts per annum covering all industry sectors with fixed pricing for 12 months.

Why not take up a no obligation, free quote from a specialist insurance dedicated to the hospitality division? We pride ourselves on being able to offer the best policies at the very best prices.

Water for businesses is due to be de regularised in April 2017. We are now asking for water bills so we can be ready for the launch. (Currently 13% average saving in Scotland).

We would love to help you set up your new business and take away some of the stress involved.

We can also free up some of your valuable time, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best; serve your new customers.